Monday, February 2, 2009

Memories with Chef Boy Yar Dee

so you've all waited patiently...which is probably no one
but this is the song that we wrote in like 5 minutes and we both like it :)
the quality is kind of weird but were over it.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The State Park: Post 2

So for all you fans. (which is probably our mom and dad) We finally decided we needed to join our forces together to make something awesome. So we finally wrote a song together and it is pretty awesome.

the song is called Memories with Chef Boy Are Dee
lyrics are soon to be posted but were gonna wait to put up a video which will be up in a week.

were awesome

Friday, December 26, 2008

The State Park

So my brother and I-or I guess more of me-decided to start a band. I mean my brother is awesome at guitar and I'm awesome at singing (well we think we are) and so decided we should show our musical talents to the world. We have two verses and a chorus written to a song that isnt titled, but we did start this band on Christmas so we think that it's progress for the most part.

So the name of the band is "The State Park" because our love for state parks and our last name is Park. We did consider the Park Brothers, but who can compete with those Jonas Brothers.

So yeah we dont really know what were gonna sound like or what we are all about yet, but we have a name of the band and part of song and thats a start.

So ladies and gentleman...The State Park

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

unconvetional source for a look.

so starting your own fashion trend is kind of a hard thing to do. I mean when we think of trends we think of new things that no one has worn before but trends can also start when you start dressing in a manner that suits you. I know that fashion can appear as some materialistic way of the "big man" trying to make you spend tons of money just so you can appear the way they want you to look, but fashion can also be an artistic way to express who you are and what your taste is like.

so this week I put together an outfit that was inspired by two buildings. I took the colors, the build and feel of the two buildings and composed it into something I found for cheap. (minus the bag. haha. sorry this bag was something I already had.)

Here is the photo.

Here is me.

so first of all the colors of blue and yellow on the two buildings are seen in the plaid of the shirt and my vans. The plaid print reflects the grid like windows that are on both pictures. The accent of white on the balconies of the blue building are in the pants I wear and the black balconies in my hat and sunglasses. And so these buildings inspired this outfit to transpire.

the hat i always wear: $2 (thrift store)
sunglasses: $6 (buffalo)
shirt: $14 (penguin, crossroads)
pants: $20 (active, on sale though)
shoes: $20 (vans, i know someone who works there)
bag: $50 (urban outfitters, see its just expensive there)

so the moral of this post is: be your own trend setter and dress the way you want to and find inspiration from the simple things around you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

tip your hat. here's the king of new york.

So "Newsies"is probably one of my favorite movies ever. And so while I was out shopping at Crossroads I came across something that was sort of "Newsies" like. And here is me being a retarded model, modeling the clothing.


You can't really see the full detail of the shirt but it's a basic shite tee with some random holes on the upper half of the shirt both front and back. Than there are suspender like fabric that runs along the back neckline and comes around the front in a suspender like manner.

"newsie" hat: $2 (thrift store)
sunglasses: $6 (buffalo exchange)
shirt: $12 (crossroads)
pants: $20 (heritage)

So if youre ever wondering what to wear somedays think about one of your favorite movies and revamp a style portrayed in that movie and wear it.

And so this is the modern day "Newsies" look

Sunday, November 23, 2008

bluegrass. the music for my soul.

so a lot of you aren't familiar with bluegrass and let me tell you that there is a lot of stereotypical "twang" bluegrass but this band I am going to introduce has completely changed my life in how I listen, choose and respect music.

Nickel Creek. my favorite band of all time. (Concert Count: 9)

Nickel Creek started off as a traditional bluegrass band with Chris Thile on Mandolin, Sean Watkins on Guitar and Sara Watkins of the violin (and all three on vocals as well). These three muscial Gods (well i think they are) are musicians that really tap into the art of music for music sake and know how to throw all their ideas together to create something that only a person hearing their music could understand. The result of all this music talent is an incisive collection of traditional bluegrass, indie/folk and alt-country rock that come from places of both intimate and removed.

Nickel Creek as a band is impressive in almost every way. The musicianship is stellar, but without fancy picking for its own sake. The original material is rather sophisticated, including instrumentals with complex meter changes, and songs with interesting lyrics. Both Chris Thile and Sara Watkins are very appealing as vocalists, with a style that is more like the introspective singer-songwriter than the typical high-lonesome tenor of bluegrass. Sean Watkins also proves to be a vocal force, but his main drive comes from his guitar skills that really embody the style of bluegrass as well as his own. The absence of a banjo and the almost classical style of Ms. Watkins' fiddle give Nickel Creek a decidedly more mellow, sophisticated sound than traditional bluegrass, which is further enhanced by their often subtle arrangements. Nickel Creek may be a bluegrass group in instrumentation, but their music is likely to have wide appeal to fans of good singer-songwriters and just about anyone who enjoys sophisticated, melodic music.

Sadly Nickel Creek announced that they were going their seperate ways in 2007 with the farewell (maybe) tour, and hopefully one day they do come back to put on amazing concerts and put out mindblowing songs.

"Good music is music that won't go out of stlye." Sean Watkins.
And that is exactly what Nickel Creek is.

but wait theres more...although nickel creek has gone their seperate ways they still perform in their own projects, so you should still check out all their solo and side projects as well as this

Fiction Family.
Sean Watkins & Jon Foreman.
(you serioulsy need to hear them!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

fashion and such: project 1

So buying clothes have kind of been a hobby of mine. For some reason I can not think of a time when I haven't had the urge to buy new clothing. And so this a blog about the clothes I wear and how I view fashion.

"The terms "fashionable" and "unfashionable" are employed to describe whether someone or something fits in with the current or even not so current, popular mode of expression. The term "fashion" is frequently used in a positive sense, as a synonym for glamour, beauty and style. In this sense, fashions are a sort of communal art, through which a culture examines its notions of beauty and goodness. The term "fashion" is also sometimes used in a negative sense, as a synonym for fads and trends, and materialism."

So with those thoughts in mind I realized that there was no need to fork out a benjamen for something I could find that would look and fit similar to that 100 dollar piece of clothing. So here are some things I found in my closet that didn't cost me a bundle, but could most likely have someone believing i spent more on it.

(don't judge my face, judge the clothes)
hat: $2
button up shirt: $4.50
pants: $10.50
total: $17

These next couple of pieces are my clothes on the left and Urban Outfitters on the right

My lower more attractive half. (ha.)
cut-off jeans.
when it comes to cut-off jeans, just do it yourself.
what i paid: $2.99
urban outfitters price: $24

Drew. the loud yet friendly roomate
basic hoodie.
what i paid: $10.50 (this jacket is also recycled. so im helping the environment and being trendy)
urban outfitter: $39

Miles. the ladies man that doesnt have a lady roomate
what i paid: $30
urban outfitters: $79

Me. being a loser.
windbreaker. that is shiny under bright lights
what i paid: $30
urban outfitters: $48

note: i freaking love urban outfitters. so this is in no way a bash on urban cause half my clothes is from there, but I'm just making the point that you can find cheaper clothing that look and feel the same as the pricey kind that eats away at your recent paycheck.

want cheap clothes?
check out